A Novel In To Approach For Image Binarization For Degraded Document Images

Sonia Saini, Ms. Richa Dogra


Document Image Binarization aims to segment the foreground text from the document background and is performed in the preprocessing stage for document analysis. Image binarization is the process of separation of pixel values into dual collections, black as foreground and white as background. Thresholding has created to be a well-known technique used for binarization of document images.  The color used for the objects in the image is the foreground color while the rest of the image is the background color. Binary images frequently occur in image processing as masks or as the outcome of some operations as segmentation and thresholding.In the proposed paper various morphological operators are used to enhance the value of different parameters.This paper presents a new approach for enhancement of degraded documents Region based segmentation is used instead of edge based segmentation.


Documents; Binarization; Thresholding; Degraded document.

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