Examining the Effect of Facilitating Conditions as an imperative input in enhancing the intention to use Mobile Learning systems in Universities

Faisal Mubuke, Ayub Kutosi Masaba, Cosmas Ogenmungu, Geoffrey Mayoka Kituyi


This study centered on facilitating conditions as an imperative key in determining intention to use Mobile Learning systems in Universities. The study used a cross sectional survey with a sample size of 370 students from the universities. The correction results revealed a strong significant positive relationship between facilitating conditions and the intention to use m-learning systems, this signifies that facilitating conditions are key imperatives in determining intention to use mobile learning systems in universities. As universities look out for the better ways to increase the use of mobile learning systems, more attention should be given to facilitating conditions in their bid to ensure that student’s intention to use mobile learning systems is highly enhanced.


M-Learning, Facilitating conditions, UTAUT, Intention to Use and M-learning systems

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