Combination of Tarapezoid and Partial Circles

HOSEIN GHOWSI, kiumars ghowsi


The are five problems including the trapezoid and partial circles obtained. For the first one the circumference of the black  region numerically was obtained. In the problem 2 to 5 the circumference and area of different type of trapezoid and partial circles were obtained. Problems 2 and 3 are discussed numerically without the help of trigonometry. The problems of 4 and 5 are the circumference and the surface  area were obtained as function of  radius and Ɵ the angle as independent variables. Using trigonometry was helpful


Trigonometry , Trapezoid and circles

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S. Lange, Geometry: A High School Course,2000.

N. Altshiller, College Geometry: An Introduction to the Modern Geometry of the Triangle and the Circle,1952.


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