Nonparametric Test for A Class of Life time Distribution UBACT Based On the Laplace transform

S. E. Abu-Youssef, H. E. El-Attar, A. A. El-Toony


Based on the la place transform , A new test statistic for testing exponentiality versus the class of life distribution used better than aged in convex tail ordering (UBACT) is introduced. For this proposed test, the critical values for sample size 5(5)50 are calculated. The powers of the test are also estimated by using a simulation study for commonly used distributions in reliability. The Pittman asymptotic efficiencies of this test statistics are calculated and compared with some old tests. Finally, the test is applied to some real data


(UBACT) class of life distribution; Testing of hypothesis; Pitman’s efficiency; Monte carlo Method and the power of the test.

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