Breaking the Paradigm of Negative Mass: Why Newton’s Second Law Needs to Be Modified to Enable Newton’s Gravitational Law to Deal with Antimatter

Policarpo Yoshin Ulianov


The negative mass concept does not exist in modern physics as Newton's second law creates a paradigm in which negative mass should accelerate in the opposite direction to the applied force. However, some recent theories propose that antimatter generates repulsive forces when interacting with matter, which is not taken into account by Newton's gravitational law.

By changing Newton´s second law to allow the existence of negative mass, this new repulsive gravitational behaviour can be easily achieved, when considering that an antimatter body has a negative mass.

It also enables us to define a new mass conservation principle, valid for processes involving generation and annihilation of matter/antimatter particles.

It may seem daring to want to change Newton´s second law that is over three hundred years old, but, if in fact, matter repels antimatter, considering only positive masses, it is Newton’s own gravitational law that cannot be applied and therefore must be modified when dealing with antimatter.

So, if we need to change one of Newton's laws in order to adapt it to physical reality, generated by the existence of antimatter, this author believes that this change should be made in the most elegant way.

One such way is by defining that antimatter bodies have a negative mass. Another way is by considering that the inertial mass of antimatter bodies is different to their gravitational mass.


Antimatter repulsion, gravitational law, negative mass.

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