A microphysical theory for quasi-unitary explaining of transformations mechanism in metals

Arghirescu Marius


By the Zener’s relation of temperature-dependent variation of the pearlitic lamellas’ thickness, applied to the formation hypothesis of pearlitic or bainitic pre-lamellas of α- austenite in the incubation period and considering a mechanism of transformation with continuous diffusion, it is deduced a relation of exponential form for the thickness of the pearlitic lamellas which may be extended also for the bainitic lamellas fragmentation into sub-sub-sub-unities.                             The driving force of the martensitic transformation is explained microphysically as being generated by the temperature gradient and favoured by the concentration gradient in C-atoms, in steels.


Zener equation, pearlitic lamellas, bainitic sub-unities, martensitic transformation, incubation period

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