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India is a country where the average selling of life insurance policies is still lower than many western and Asian countries, with the second largest population in world the Indian insurance market is looking very prospective to many multinational and Indian insurance companies for expanding their business and market share. Before the opening of Indian market for Multinational Insurance Companies, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) was the only company which dealt in Life Insurance and after opening of this sector to other private companies, all the world leaders of life insurance have started their operation in India. With their world market experience and network, these companies have offered many good schemes to lure all type of Indian consumers but unfortunately failed to get the major share of market. Still the LIC is the biggest player in the life insurance market with approx. 65% market share. But why Indian consumers do not trust on many companies and why the major population of India do not have any life insurance policy or what are the factors plays major role in buying behavior of consumers towards life insurance policies.

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