Power Politics in Moghamo Clan of Cameroon: An Analysis of the Succession Squabbles in the Royal Family in Ashong; 1900-2013

Roland Ndille


The paper seeks to trace the origin of the conflict in the royal family in Ashong and to succinctly discuss the forces that initiated, fuelled and have sustained the conflict for over a century. The paper proceeds to examine the tacit role exhibited by the administration in resolving the conflict aswell as the consequence on peace and security in Ashong and Moghamo at large. The paperfurther attempts a solution to the conflict. For concrete investigation and analysis, data was collected through oral interviews, observations, archival reports and newspapers.Following the investigation, the paper posits that the Ashong royal conflict is perhaps the oldest in the North West Region of Cameroon. That the disagreement in the royal family of Ashong has its origin in the manner in which the sixth Fon chose to select his heir among his sons, and was made complicated by the British Administration. The hatred that ensued evolved into a conflict that divided the king-makers and the villagersinto two camps each supporting one of the claimants to the throne. The paper further pins that the split within the royal family has been exploited by political elites of the area and the administrativeas well as traditional instruments have not worked effectively to salvage the situation. The outcome has not only created longstanding and bloody split between them but also among the villagers thus leaving the village divided into two camps.


Ashong, Moghamo Clan, Power Politics, Succession Squabbles, Royal Family.

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